Technical measures on Komarno-Drozdovychi pipeline will not affect on gas transit and transmission in the Poland-Ukraine direction

15-th of June, 2020, Kyiv – LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” informs all clients that a number of technical measures is planned to be conducted in Q3-Q4 this year, which will lead to a temporary shutdown of the section of the DN500 Komarno-Drozdovychi pipeline (physical IP Hermanowice) and stop of the possibility of physical transportation of natural gas in the Poland-Ukraine direction until finalization of the specified works.

However, due to the planned integration of physical IPs into a single virtual one, clients will not feel the impact of these works. As previously reported, all booked capacity at the interconnection points “Drozdovichi” and “Hermanowice” are transferred from July 1, 2020 to a virtual interconnection point Ukraine-Poland. Thus, physical transportation will be carried out in the direction Ukraine-Poland, and in the opposite direction gas will be delivered by netting, or virtual reverse.

Ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of the GTS of Ukraine is the top-priority for LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine”, and the planned technical works will increase the capacity of physical transportation from Poland to Ukraine after 2022.