UPD. The GTS Operator of Ukraine has performed the first stage of liquidation of the accident on the main gas pipeline “Urenhoy-Pomary-Uzhhorod”. Gas supply to Lubnygaz was restored at 10.40 a.m.

December 10, 2021, Kyiv – Gas TSO of Ukraine implemented the gas switching scheme through the Kuibyshevo GDS to restore gas supply to almost 3,000 consumers who were left without gas after a pipeline accident near the Lubny city in Poltava region.

The Company’s employees worked at the accident scene all night and already at 07:30 GTSOU informed Lubnygaz of its readiness to restore gas supply to the residents of Lazirky, Novoorzhytske, Raiozero, Tarasenkove, Vyshneve, Yabluneve, Voronyntsi, Cherevky, Khoroshky, Noviy, Zagrebelniy, Tymkiv, Pylypovychi, Neseno-Irzhavets, Poluniivka.

“GTSOU sees as its main task the restoration of gas supply and the security of the region,” commented Sergiy Makogon, CEO of Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine.

Nothing threatens the transit of gas to the EU, the flows were switched through other gas pipelines and the gas is transported as usual.

Recall that as a result of the accident that occurred on January 9, 2021 at 15:50, about 30 meters of the gas pipe of the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod pipeline were destroyed. GTSOU localized the fire in 16 minutes. Thirty repair workers of the Company are currently working to eliminate the consequences at the accident site.

Details and causes of the accident are being established and will be reported later.

UPD. As of 10:40 am, GTSOU organized an alternative scheme for switching to other thrunk gas pipelines and supplied gas to the Lubnygaz network to restore gas supply in all settlements of the Poltava region, which were temporarily disconnected due to the accident.