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The second winter during the full-scale war: OGTSU entered the finish line of preparations for the future heating season

Ukraine is conducting large-scale preparation for the future heating season. In close coordination with the Ministry of Energy, companies and enterprises of the oil and gas, electricity and coal industries are conducting restoration and repair works and preparing the relevant infrastructure for this winter in the conditions of constant military challenges.

For the second season GTSOU has been preparing the gas transportation system for the autumn and winter period within russia’s full-scale military aggression against Ukraine. Special attention is paid to the reliability of gas transportation on the border with European countries in addition to the usual preparatory measures.

Preparatory work on the GTS began immediately after the end of the previous heating season — in April 2023. It should be noted that the execution of works concerning planned indicators has already been completed including the overhaul of the linear part of the pipelines. In addition certain measures on the linear part of the main gas pipelines and at the gas distribution stations were completed at the level of 90% and above, namely 641.6 km of the pipeline cavity was cleaned, 168 gas distribution stations and 739 automatic control and alarm systems at gas distribution stations were reconstructed and repaired.

The implementation of scheduled repair works in the preparation for the future heating season 2023/2024 in September still continues.

GTSOU specialists also calculate and analyze Ukraine’s needs in natural gas for the uninterrupted heating season of 2023/2024. In particular different scenarios of possible crisis situations are being worked out and ways to resolve them are being modeled.
To ensure its own production and technological needs during the heating season OGTSU purchased about 200 million cubic meters of natural gas.

Today the company’s units are involved in the liquidation of the consequences of russian aggression in the de-occupied East along with preparation for the heating season. Working side by side with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and sappers of the State Emergency Service, they restore access to the gas transmission system facilities damaged by the occupiers. Preparations for the heating season of facilities in the liberated territories will be coordinated separately as the frontline moves and settlements are de-occupied.

“The attacks on civilian and energy facilities have shown that there are no off-limits targets for the enemy. Therefore in preparation for the new heating season it is our duty to prepare the GTS for the challenges of war as much as possible. Our colleagues in all regions are working to ensure that Ukrainians have access to natural gas. We constantly cooperate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service and local military-civilian administrations to gain access to the facilities damaged by the occupiers and restore their operation. We are doing everything possible to minimize the impact of the coming winter on the lives and livelihoods of Ukrainians,” said Yuriy Zyabchenko, Chief Engineer of GTSOU.

The Ukrainian GTS Operator coordinates its plans with the Ukrainian energy sector and strengthens the country’s energy security.