Zolotonosha LPU has completed repairs on the section of the main gas pipeline “Progress”

Despite the war, specialists of GTSOU continue improving the reliability of the Ukrainian gas transmission system.

Zolotonosha LPU employees completed repairs on the section called “Stavyshche – Illintsi” of the main gas pipeline “Progress.” Under a time constraint, LPU specialists installed the coupling, which would increase the reliability of this section. Seventeen workers were involved, and six units of special vehicles were used in the works. The peculiarity of the work consisted in drilling of cracks tops to prevent their further disclosure.

The works were carried out within the framework of the GTS reliability improvement program based on the results of inline gas pipelines diagnostics of the Progress completed by GTSOU last year together with ROSEN Europe B.V. Timely detection and elimination of defects reduce emergency risks.

“Today, everyone in Ukraine has their front – military, professional or volunteer. Despite the emergence conditions, GTSOU continues working for the needs of Ukraine and Ukrainians. Our task is to provide the country with the necessary fuel, and we are doing our best in this direction. Wherever possible, our specialists continue the work on increasing the reliability of the GTS and its facilities,” said GTSOU CEO Sergiy Makogon.