Natural gas imports to Ukraine decreased by 83%

April 6, 2021 – In the first quarter of 2021, the volume of gas transportation from the EU to Ukraine amounted to 476 million cubic meters. This is 83% less than in the same period in 2020.

0,2 million cubic meters were transported from Poland to Ukraine, 65 million cubic meters – from Slovakia, 410,4 million cubic meters – from Hungary. 86% of gas volumes were delivered by backhaul.

Net exports of natural gas from Ukraine to European countries in January-March amounted to 18.3 million cubic meters, which is almost four times more than in the first quarter of last year (4,8 million cubic meters).

The re-export of natural gas in the first quarter amounted to 618,9 million cubic meters (almost 240 times more than the same period a year earlier). 141,3 million cubic meters of gas were re-exported to Poland, 107 million cubic meters – to Slovakia, 340,6 million cubic meters – to Hungary, 30 million cubic meters – to Moldova.

Currently, record volumes of natural gas are stored in Ukrainian underground storage facilities, and Ukrainian suppliers use their own reserves of hydrocarbons from underground storages and buy gas from the “customs warehouse” regime from European traders. Therefore, during the reporting period, gas exports from Ukraine exceeded imports. In particular, Moldova re-exported more than half of its own gas volumes to Ukrainian UGSF, – commented Ievgen Todorov, Commercial Director of GTSOU. – The dynamics of the first quarter of this year shows that the Ukrainian gas infrastructure is already firmly integrated into the European energy markets and is part of the energy security of European countries”.